Equifax Data Breach

The Equifax Data Breach:  What to do

  • 143 million Americans had their Social Security Number, birth date, address, and driver’s license number stolen from Equifax.  This information can be used to open a new line of credit using your identity.
  • Equifax and the other credit bureaus provide your personal data to your lender when you apply for a loan.  Your lender may also provide data about your payment activities to the credit bureaus, but they already have your identify info.
  • 209,000 credit card numbers were stolen as well, but that doesn’t put your identity at risk.
  • You can check if you’re affected at, this site is okay and safe to visit.  But watch out for fakes that scammers may send you.
  • Equifax is promoting their own credit monitoring service, TrustedID, free for one year but may require payment after that.  You must waive your right to class-action or personal lawsuits against Equifax to use this service.  LifeLock is a more well-known option for monitoring new credit applications under your identity, but it costs money.
  • I recommend a credit freeze.  It’s more effective because it blocks all new credit applications under your identity, until you “unfreeze”.

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System Update

We Are Upgrading Our Servers

SEIUS Credit Union Pocatello Server UpgradeWe are converting our core processing system on June 26th!  This will allow us to better serve you, our members, with the best possible service we can.  A few things we would like you to know regarding this conversion are:

  • SEI Credit Union will be closed Monday, June 26th and open at our normal business hours Tuesday, June 27th
  • Online banking will be down beginning Friday, June 23rd at 5:30 pm until Sunday, June 25th at 12:00 pm
  • Debit cards will be in ‘Stand In’ mode from Friday at 5:30 pm and will continue through Monday evening.  This means that you will be able to use your debit card for normal, everyday purchases but larger transactions may not go through.  Keep this in mind if you need to make a large purchase.

If you have any questions regarding this, please feel free to contact us!

SEI Credit Union